Power Tool Drag Race

Please use this form to sign up for the race so we know you plan to participate:
Power Tool Drag Race Registration
The race will take place during the Maker Faire.
Prizes will be awarded to the fastest tools and for best in show!
See below for rules & regulations.

Handheld Power Tools:

  • Racers must be based on electric handheld power tools.
  • For the purposes of the event this is defined as any tool that is designed handheld operation by a single individual.
  • This includes tools like circular saws, belt sanders, orbital sanders, drills, Dremels and so forth.

No Large tools Allowed:

  • Large tools, stationary tools or tools with combustion engines are excluded from the event.

Battery powered:

  • Battery powered tools are permitted but are not preferred.


  • Modifications to the tool’s case are permitted however the tool’s motor must remain stock.
  • Power from the motor may be delivered to the wheels via belts, chains, etc.
  • Direct drive is also allowed.

Additional Parts:

  • Additional parts, such as wheels, frames, guides and so on are permitted and can be added as desired.
  • No blades or flames allowed!

Track dimensions:

  • The dimensions of a racer must not exceed 12 inches in width in order for it to fit the race track.
  • Each side of the track has 3.5″ tall rails intended to keep the racer within the lane.
  • Guide wheels or similar are permitted.
  • During a race, the racer must stay within the boundaries of the lane.


  • To participate entrants must register.

Additional considerations:

  • Due to the nature of the event these machines can be very fast.
  • Entrants’ racers will be inspected prior to the event in order to make sure they adhere to the guidelines and will not present a hazard to spectators or operators.

We reserve the right to disqualify a racer at any time.